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Our Vision

Frontier Natural Resources’ vision includes three main goals: communication, clean energy and cooperation. Frontier believes that through these three components, an innovative, trustworthy and successful natural gas company is born.  Overall success begins with a transparent relationship with all partners. In whatever community we start a project, we want to establish a meaningful relationship that is mutually beneficial to our neighbors. We aim to keep our partners informed of our process so that they are educated and included in our Frontier family.

Being mindful of the environment in which we are operating is another important aspect of a successful natural gas company. It is Frontier’s belief that when performed properly, the production of natural gas can be environmentally friendly.  Working closely with regulators to ensure that we are utilizing the best practices with the least environmental impact, is a primary focus. As equally important is the cooperation and partnership we build with our neighbors. This means ensuring that our partners in the community see the compassion and attention we devote to providing the best possible experience in working with our Frontier family.